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CAPPA Training: "Everything Fiscal" 

August 23, 2017
9:30am - 2:00pm 


**Note new location**
University of Phoenix
2860 Gateway Oaks Drive
Bldg. B, Ste. 100 
Sacramento CA  95833
Classroom #121/122/123



CAPPA will be delivering a training focused specifically on APP fiscal issues on August 23rd in Sacramento. Workshops will include "Fiscal Essentials" from CDE Fiscal Services, information from a field auditor on auditing practices and another on Agency Projections so that agencies can better monitor their contracts and also learn best practices that work efficiently. Hope you can join us!

Planned Workshops:

  • Fiscal Essentials-NEW from CDE!!
    CDFS representatives will present a variety of fiscal topics, from the basic to the advanced, affecting AP contractors. This workshop will present the basics for both CalWORKs Stages 2 and 3 and Alternative Payment (AP) contracts. A wide variety of topics will be covered including reporting requirements, revenue, expenses, apportionments, administrative and supportive services allowances, augmentations/reductions for CalWORKs, and requests for AP contingency funds.  CDE will also discuss how CalWORKs fiscal and caseload report data are used. Whether the attendee is new to the agency or a seasoned accountant, everyone will benefit from this session.
    Additionally, CDFS will also address questions on Procurement.  
    -Corey Khan and Jordan Clegg, CDE Fiscal Services

  • Fiscal Projections:
    Come prepared to hear how some agencies are doing their budget projections and data and trends that ought to be considered as part of any budget forecasting exercise.  This workshop will help you better monitor your contracts and learn best practices that work efficiently.
    -Beth Chiaro and Floyd Alcutt, Child Care Resource Center; Candy Meade, Options for Learning
  • Preparing For Year-End Activities from an Auditor’s Perspective:
    This workshop will be presented by an independent auditor versed in the practices of agencies as well as the Department of Education. Topics that will be covered include: how should agencies prepare for an audit, how can agencies save money in audit fees, what your auditor is looking for, and how to prepare for a year-end close.
    -Michelle Elder, CPA, Elder Accountancy
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