CAPPA and Children's Foundation Events



Fall 2018 
Regional Technical Assistance Trainings- Hosted by CAPPA Member Agencies


November 29th

Chico (Butte County)
Valley Oak Children's Services

December 7th

Pleasanton (Alameda County)
Child Care Links

December 11th

Bakersfield (Kern County)
Community Connection for Child Care
Kern County Superintendent of Schools

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CAPPA member agencies, with the support of CAPPA & Children's Foundation, have put together a series of Informational and Networking Sessions that will be coming to a region near you!  

This series will offer a variety of Hot topics for the field and ALL staff are encouraged to attend.  

If you would like to add any topics to the agenda, please let us know!


Best Practices Session (10:00am-11:45am):

  • 12-month initial and recertification - Do you still have questions?
  • Provider Reimbursements
  • Technology 
    • Where are you with direct deposit?
    • Digital signatures
    • Moving towards a paperless work environment
  • How to strengthen communications between parents and providers

Lunch (11:45am-12:15pm)

CAPPA Political Update and Election Discussion (12:15pm-1:00pm)

Peer-to-Peer Networking Session 

This portion of the agenda will allow attendees to share their successful strategies, tools and ideas.


CAPPA Audit Training, In partnership with CDE
December 5, 2018 
University of Phoenix - 

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CAPPA, in partnership with the CDE Audits and Investigations Division, will be delivering a training for our field focused on auditing. There will be a training from CDE on auditing changes and requirements, as well as a training from a CPA on how agencies should be preparing and complying with the different requirements.


Presentation from CDE Audits and Investigations Division 

The California Department of Education’s Audits and Investigations Division will provide an overview of federal and state requirements that apply to agencies administering the child development programs including cost allowability, audits, and certified public accountant selection.

Presentation from 
Michelle R. Elder, CPA, Elder Accountancy 

How agencies should be preparing and complying with the different requirements.  This portion of the training will cover audits and internal controls as applied to the contractors. 

**Lunch will be included.**


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