About the CAPPA Children's Foundation

Join our effort to build stronger child care programs, families and communities through education, training and research.

The CAPPA Children's Foundation exists to support organizations working with children and families through education, research, training and development:

  • Enhancing agency integrity and efficiency through compliance with current State and Federal laws and regulations
  • Maximizing the use of technology to better meet the needs of families and children
  • Developing model best practices for delivery of services to working families
  • Recognizing and valuing the needs of ethnically diverse and culturally linguistic communities
  • Coordinating of all early care and education services for seamless delivery of resources to families
  • Identifying specific needs of at risk populations including those with special needs or under protective care

Through efforts of the CAPPA Children's Foundation, agencies will be able to enhance their services to families. These families will be better able to support their children, making California and local communities stronger and building a lasting future.

The CAPPA Children's Foundation appreciates every donor, regardless of the amount they contribute and recognizes those whose gifts makes an extraordinary number of dreams come true.

The CAPPA Children's Foundation is organized as a non-profit corporation under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.



"The (CAPPA) Children's Foundation is dedicated to supporting the families and children of California through education, training, and research."