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For an archived listing of all Child Care Bulletins (CCBs), please visit the DSS Website. For Management Bulletins from CDE, click here.



Child Care Bulletins (DSS), Past Management Bulletins (CDE) and Information

For an archived listing of all Child Care Bulletins (CCBs), please visit the DSS Website. For Management Bulletins from CDE, click here.


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2023 - 24 Funding Terms and Conditions 

Program Requirements




Provider Information Notices (PINs)
Child Care Licensing Program (CCP)

Provider Information Notices (PINS)






2023 CCP

    • PIN 23-14-CCP - Live Virtual Orientation For Family Child Care Homes
    • PIN 23-13-CCP - Guardian Webinar For Child Care Program Licensees, Providers, And Trustline Agencies
    • PIN 23-12-CCP - Updates To The California Department Of Public Health Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) Guidance For Child Care Providers And Programs
    • PIN 23-11-CCP - Large Family Child Care Home Single Action Door Handle Requirements
    • PIN 23-10-CCP - Resources To Support The Social And Emotional Development Of Children During Periods Of Stress Or Trauma
    • PIN 23-09-CCP - Extreme Heat Hazard Awareness Focusing On Infants And Young Children
    • PIN 23-08-CCP - 2022 Chaptered Legislation Affecting Child Care Facilities
    • PIN 23-07-CCP - Provider Webinar: Ask The Child Care Advocates
    • PIN 23-06-CCP - Information Regarding Brightly Colored Fetanyl, Also Referred to as “Rainbow Fentanyl”
    • PIN 23-05-CCP - Notice of Superseded PINs Related to COVID-19
    • PIN 23-04-CCP - End of State of Emergency Related to COVID-19 and Expiration of COVID-19 Waivers
    • PIN 23-03-CCP - Guardian Webinar for Child Care Program Licensees, Providers, and TrustLine Agencies
    • PIN 23-02-CCP - Live Virtual Orientation for Family Child Care Homes
    • PIN 23-01-CCP - Announcing Regional Office Changes in the Child Care Licensing Program (CCLP)
  • 2023 CCLD

    • PIN 23-13-CCLD - (Supersedes PIN 21-07-CCLD) Preparation For Extreme Heat, Public Safety Power Shutoffs, And Wildfire Emergencies
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    • PIN 23-12-CCLD - Notifying Licensees Of New Public Disaster Response Webpage For The Community Care Licensing Division
    • PIN 23-11-CCLD - Notifying Licensees Using The Everbridge Emergency Notification System
    • PIN 23-10-CCLD - Announcing The Relocation Of Adult And Senior Care, Child Care, And Children’s Residential Regional Offices In Sacramento
    • PIN 23-09-CCLD - Provider Webinar: Introduction to the Technical Support Program
    • PIN 23-08-CCLD - Criminal Background Clearance Transfer Request (LIC 9182) And Criminal Record Exemption Transfer Request (LIC 9188) Form Updates
    • PIN 23-07-CCLD - Guardian Training Webinar For Licensees And Providers
    • PIN 23-06-CCLD - Governor's Proclamation Of A State Of Emergency To Support Storm Response And Relief Efforts, And Authority To Waive Licensing Requirements
    • Translations: Español | 中文 |
    • PIN 23-05-CCLD - Criminal Background Clearance Transfers - Updated Guidance
    • PIN 23-04-CCLD - (Supersedes PIN 20-13-ASC, PIN 20-15-ASC, PIN 20-22-ASC, PIN 20-32-ASC and PIN 21-34-ASC) End Of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) State Of Emergency: Resuming Regular Reporting Requirements
    • PIN 23-03-CCLD - End Of State Of Emergency Related To Monkeypox (MPOX)
    • Translations: Español |
    • PIN 23-02-CCLD - Governor's Proclamation Of A State Of Emergency To Address Severe Winter Storms
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