CAPPA's Mission

CAPPA's Mission is to advocate for, and facilitate family access to, quality child care, supportive services, and early education and development programs.

CAPPA's Values

- Quality: Empowering Alternative Payment agencies to strive for quality and integrity in their delivery of child development services.

- Representation: Helping our members maximize the positive outcomes they have on family well-being.

- Respect: Respecting the needs and commitments of our members to families, children and providers.

- Service: Serving our member agencies as they serve their communities by being accessible and effective.

- Collaboration: Building relationships with an emphasis on listening, candor and confidentiality.

- Diversity: Honoring the diversity of our members and their programs whether large or small, expert or novice, rural or urban, center-based, alternative payment or Resource and Referral

- Communication: To actively communicate with the CAPPA membership, sister organization and vested stakeholders to; provide information, request input and clearly define concerns/issues with members.

CAPPA Policy Principles: Rebuilding in 2015-2016
“Children Learning, Parents Earning”
The California Alternative Payment Program Association (CAPPA) will set policies and take actions on
issues based on securing the most advantageous outcomes for working families and children. We are committed to working collaboratively towards greater access for parents to choose early care and educational programs that best support family stability while leading to greater academic outcomes for our earliest learners. We believe the best outcomes for parents and children are achieved when delivery of services is provided via California’s 40 plus year mixed delivery system.

To achieve the best outcomes for working families and children:

1. To reintroduce legislation to adequately cover agency costs.
2. To introduce legislation that would establish a single rate system.
3. To introduce legislation that would streamline existing regulations while laying the groundwork needed to realize the    
    Child Care Development Block Grant requirements.
4. To introduce legislation to allow for direct deposit of checks from the state.
5. To reintroduce legislation to delete the requirement that agencies must recompete for our contracts every five years.

In order to realize the achievements noted above, CAPPA will do the following:

  • CAPPA will sponsor, cosponsor and support efforts that prioritize early care and education, health care, food programs and other social safety net programs as integral to the long term success of children and of moving working families onward to self-sufficiency.

  • CAPPA will collaboratively align with any system or organization that strives to achieve greater transparency, capacity and efficacy in the delivery of services.

Adopted June 23, 2015 by the CAPPA Board of Directors