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Welcome 2023-24!  Coming out of the pandemic years right into a year of a softening economy should give us pause.  And it absolutely does.  However, it also is giving us new opportunities. 

As we enter FY 2023-24, we have shown our ability to be nimble and flexible in supporting our families, supporting provider businesses and implementing changes that come from Sacramento.  This new normal has also created an opportunity for us to shine as strong community partners ready to support all in this space that come together to serve the needs of California’s most fragile constituents.  Once thought of as only supporting the child care needs of families, we now are moving into frontiers of strengthening families, home visiting, trauma informed care, mental health, food programs and so much more. 

The lift and shift of our programs from the California Department of Education to the California Department of Social Services (DSS) has been jarring.  However, it also has resulted in all of us pulling closer together and supporting each other like never before.  To support us maneuvering this uncertainty, we asked of our CAPPA team to be available, to be flexible, and simply to be there when needed.  With all of us moving in the same direction, we have cemented CAPPA as the go to resource for not only each agency to rely, but also for DSS, legislators and other vested stakeholders.   

In the last year, because of your annual membership and ongoing support, CAPPA was there to help support the field implement a dizzying number of changes from stipend reimbursements to shifts in re/certification understandings and implementing the first ever provider dues collection.  The pace of Child Care Bulletins and budget changes has been relentless, however as a field we have pushed forward with changes and implementations all the while being accountable stewards of the dollars invested with us.

Organizationally, I am proud to report that CAPPA has never been stronger.  Our membership is growing and thriving.  Further, over 72 percent of the current AP programs in this state are actively involved in CAPPA at either the board or committee level.  This means that CAPPA truly only acts on behalf and with the input of its membership.  CAPPA is a membership driven/membership accountable organization and we take that very seriously.  Last year our field received over 65,000 new voucher slots and are poised to see an additional 36,000.  The conversations about supporting whole family/whole child will take hold within DSS and within the legislature.  Our time to shine is within our reach.  And it is my hope that you join us in making us shine as brightly as we can.

To also help support CAPPA’s shift to better secure the advocacy needs of our field, we have undertaken the process of taking a more targeted focus on the families, children and communities we lift up and reimagining a structure that better represents that vision.   No more should we be referring to ourselves as an alternative payment program or as a resource & referral.  We are so much more than just these two contract types.  We have been a community partner and have existed for over 45 years to support parents that come through our doors needing help.

Therefore, in tandem with our members, our goal is to launch a refreshed organization with a new look and vision that better captures our critical work in the lives of so many. 

CAPPA will continue to put out the CAPPA Monday Morning e-newsletter50 weeks per year.  That circulation has grown to over 7,200 per week. We have developed an expansive website dedicated to supporting our field with up-to-date information on coalition advocacy partnership opportunities, budget and legislation, agency best practices, and more.  We secured a first-class public relations firm to help lift with the need to build field capacity and secure changes that help support the families that we serve.  And we have finally brought to the table the employers of

California supporting our efforts of recognizing that the availability and accessibility to stable child care is integral to businesses and a robust economy. 

We have heard from you that it is critical that there continue to be a weekly space where all of us can come together and have honest conversation.  The Tuesday afternoon calls are now a mainstay and will continue moving forward.  Further, DSS has appointed a staff person to be accountable to agencies and who now will be participating in many of our calls.

With your support we also have retained an attorney to help us maneuver the changing legal and regulatory environment that we reside.  Further, it is our intention to develop trainings targeted to your needs with the topics identified by you. 

Given the number of programs in California and the numbers of families that are served by our programs, it is vitally important that CAPPA continue to strengthen its voice for our programs as they currently exist and expand into the conversations where we have the infrastructure to support more coordinated whole family supports.  To help ensure CAPPA and its members continue to maximize services to families and child care providers, renewal of your membership is key. 

With your continued support CAPPA will continue to deliver all of the above in addition to:

  • Continued joint conference and trainings with the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network.
  • More member-only legislative, budget and regulatory conference calls and materials.
  • More best practices and topic-focused hosted “conversations” about issues important to our agencies.
  • Working on statewide and regional trainings.
  • A CAPPA Monday Morning e-Newsletter that details what CAPPA is doing for you, articles from elected legislators/ officials and field leaders specifically wanting to communicate with CAPPA members.
  • Reinvention of regional networking and meetings facilitated by CAPPA board members and agency leaders.
  • A mid-year training focused SPECIFICALLY on APP in partnership CDSS.
  • An APP ONLY fiscal and audit preparation training.
  • Much, much more!!

On behalf of the CAPPA Board of Directors, we ask that you join us again to support CAPPA with your membership and your participation.  The real strength of CAPPA comes from a membership that is united and a strong voice that reflects our community realities and diversities.   Thank you for all you do to lift up your communities!

Membership Types

Any contractor with the California Department of Education or the Department of Social Services or a subcontractor of either Department is qualified for Membership if there is a direct contractual relationship with the California Department of Education or the Department of Social Services or a subcontractor of either Department for the administration of an alternative payment program or CalWORKs.

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  • Entities providing services and/or products to the contractors that support parents and families that are accessing early care and education programs and services.
  • Subsidized early care and education businesses including but not limited to fiduciary, payment systems, provider associations, early care and education advocates, governmental entities, foundations, not-for-profit organizations, as well as for profit interests.

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Center Members are owners and managers of early care and education centers throughout California.  

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Individual with no affiliation to the above.

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