2020-21 Budget -      
SB 820, the trailer bill that has additional child care impacts was posted. The main areas for child care is included in Section 111. Changes include:
  • Language to fund family child care homes and centers as well as CalWORKs Stages 1, 2 & 3 with assistance to address hardships including decreased enrollment, ratios, etc.
  • Reduction from $62.5 million to $31.250 for one-time stipends for alternative payment and migrant payment programs
  • An addition of up to 14 paid nonoperational days in addition to the existing allowable 10 nonoperational days
  • From September 1 - June 30, 2021 family fees for families where ALL children in the family enrolled in subsidized early learning and care remain at home, either for distance learning or for families sheltering in place are waived. NOTE: If additional federal dollars are not received, direct service contractors, family childcare home providers participating in a family childcare home education network, and alternative payment provider will absorb the cost.
  • Contingent on receipt of additional federal funds:
    • $30 million for covering extension of the above noted family fees
    • $35 million to support alternative and migrant payment programs to reimburse providers for providing short-term childcare to eligible children when a provider is closed
  • Reduction from $50 - $30 million for state preschool programs to increase capacity for two years as follows:
    • 1st priority - existing general childcare and development program contractors to expand new childcare services for children from 0-3
    • 2nd priority to existing CSPP contractors to expand new capacity for full-day programs
    • 3rd priority for general childcare and development programs or California state preschool programs
  • Reduction from $25 to $15 million in stipends for licensed childcare providers
  • Reduction from $125 million to $90 million for subsidized childcare provider stipends to assist all subsidized childcare providers with increased cost-of-care expensed incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Clarifies that a program that operates on the campus of a local educational agency that is closed by local or state public health guidance or order shall be reimbursed 100 percent of the contract maximum reimbursable amount or net reimbursable costs whichever is less